When it comes to home appliances, there is a wide range of choice out there – some people are like a kid in a candy store when it comes to appliances and have every single new gadget that comes onto the market. For most of us though, there are really on 5 cleaning appliances that are essential for every home. Check if you have any or all of the following. If not, consider increasing your collection of appliances.

First and foremost is a vacuum cleaner – even if you have tiled floors, you will need one of these. Whilst it is not necessary to vacuum tiled floors, it can make life easier – especially if you have a wet/ dry vac. You should also look at vacuuming the beds, furniture and window dressings to reduce the amount of dirt in the home. Last but not least is to vacuum your car at least once every fortnight. Find out more by going to http://www.vacuumjudge.com/.

An iron is another essential appliance – all of us know the advantages of having our closely neatly ironed – it is a prerequisite for people who want to look professional and to create a good impression. It can also be a useful health tool – ironing clothes can help to ensure that they are properly dry and the temperature helps to kill dangerous bugs and bacteria. Ironing is not a fun task but it can be especially important in very hot and humid climates where clothes are prone to fungi spores and other germs

Next up is the washing machine. Yes, you can do your washing by hand but considering how much easier it is to use a washing machine, why bother? Washing machines give you more time to spend with your loved ones and can ensure that your clothes are really clean. Using a gentle cycle on the machine helps to keep your clothes clean and is also a lot more gentle on your clothes than hand washing is – washing machines today are created to be energy savers – both in terms of electricity used and the energy needed to load and unload them. Cleaning has become a lot easier than it was in our mother’s days – let’s take full advantage.

Last up is a drier. Though this is not completely essential, it is important to consider getting one, especially if you have a large family or small kids. Sometimes you do not have the time, energy or inclination to go and hand washing on the line – and it is on these days that you will really appreciate having a drier on hand. Once again, the newer models have been designed to be more energy efficient and so they are more environmentally friendly.